IOS 10 Lock Screen with passcode


IOS 10 Lock Screen with passcode


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Demo APK : https://www.dropbox.com/s/4u5karp5fy8diox/lockscreenios10.apk?dl=0

Note: It will not work in android 7 because Android is now more secure, They don’t give permission to draw over an app in android 7.


✓ APK size is less than 4.5 MB

✓ Many settings available such as lock screen enable/disable, turn off system lock, battery saver option, lock screen vibrate option and lock screen volume option

✓ Change lock screen icon from an app as well as the gallery

✓ Change lock screen slide to unlock text style, size, and color

✓ Change lock screen clock text style, size, and color

✓ Change lock screen passcode style like passcode, pattern, and none

✓ Add lock screen messages

✓ Change lock screen background color as well as image form gallery

✓ Share app and rate now an option

✓ Admob interstitial, native and banner ads

✓ Google Analytics

✓ Google Firebase Integration

✓ Easy to reskin

✓ Android Studio Project

✓ First to end Documentation

✓ Support up to Android up to 6


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